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Terible little app worst past time


I like how original this Subway Shuffle game is. I did find some of the levels in the lite version a little challenging, but managed to solve each of them in under a minute for the easy ones, and up to 5-10 minutes of distracted playing for the hard ones, while riding in the car and talking. If you like logic puzzles, you will likely enjoy these. I may buy the full version, if it drops to $0.99, but I've had enough for now. Thank you!


Great game. my brother and i were playin all night. unfortunaltely i found out a lot of him >.< haha but i recommend this game to anyone who has a brother who "knows all" ^_^ 4 stars it is.

Fun Little App!

great, addictive game. shuffle subway cars from spot to spot to move your own piece to its destination. a game of strategy and foresight. really simple but elegant UI, bright and colorful graphics. highly recommend.

Tons of fun!

An excellent puzzle game that can pass the time any day. The replay-ability is great because the developer has included a "minimum required" moves, so you can get closer and closer to that mark. The difficulty appropriately increases, but now I'm stuck on 53, with 75 moves as the minimum to get this one beat. Really great job on a game that's loads of fun and can be played by anyone with a hand.

Great game!

Easy to learn and challenging.


Great game! The advanced levels didn't seem as hard as I would have thought. I'm sure there are harder levels on the paid version...which I think I'm going to get.

Subway Shuffle Lite Game

Game is awesome! Simple, neat, clean and user friendly :) ....


One of the better free games. Fun and addicting. Great job with level 61. It took a little time to solve. You've hooked me in to get the full version :)


I just bought the paid version of this game after using this well-done freebie. Looks pretty easy, doesn't it? That's what I expected. I play nothing but logic games, and am pretty good. Were this game not free, I might have skipped past it. So glad I tried it; it's GREAT. Simple rules for a simple-looking game that cause people of ALL ages to think. I don't even have a suggestion for improvement. Is a WINNER GAME.

Pritty good

Pritty good game. Very hard to figure out some of the levels. But it's worth he time to buy the free version. But I dont know. Is I would want to spend the mony to but the paid version. I can't figure out level 24!

Can't replay much

It's a cool game for the first week or so, but once you solve a level, replay is no fun. And the super-complex levels are so frustrating I gave up! Nice idea but I never go back to it now. Glad I didn't pay for it.

Pretty kwl game

I liked it. But it's hard kinda. ;!

SubWay links

Great Game.


It's a fun game! I love the challenge!


This game is the "SH@T"! But I'm pissed cause I can't pass level 30. No need to purchase full version cause like I said, this is the "SH@T"!

It's no video game - but a great brain teaser



Is the full version still $3??

30,001 review

i just wanted the 30,001st reveiw cool game! lol


They don't give u hints.if they give me my own rate I would give I a ZERO.I blam who ever made this game.

Great game

Great game and all but I can't get past level 24! Help me! It's so freakin hard!

Good App

Its addictive, challenging and Fun

Pretty Cool*

I am stuck on level 15 addicting!! Get it!!

Read this description and u will get 150 bucks

This is a great game. It is very addicting but I will not spend my money on the full version! But this app is one of the best by far!!!!And if u read this your 150 bucks will be delivered shortly. Oh nevermind Ha!!!! You got Rick Rolled!!!!!!

Make it 99 Cents!

Excellent puzzle app, very addictive. I would buy the full version, but I'm not willing to spend three dollars. I would definitely buy it if it was a dollar, as many other puzzle apps are. Lowering the price could lead to an explosion of sales, benefiting everyone, especially the developers.

The best

This game is so awsomely great you have to get it!!!!


Its really fun but level 30 is extremly hard buttttt over all its great

Oh my gosh

Oh my gosh u guys the 30th level is not hard, I completed it in about 5 minutes or less.


it's awesome! totally worth the download. but I can't get past level 30! it's frustrating!


I got this app because a friend of mine had it and I thought it was GREAT!


absolutely love it, but I cant seem to beat level 34!!

Fun lil game

Neat game

Instantly Addicting

Definitely worth a download if you like MENSA-type games. The interface is very polished. My hat is off to the developer/designer.

Great Fun

I like this game a lot. It actually requires thinking.


This is not a kid game at all. I wish this game was a little bit easier.

The best

Brain teasing the best so much fun very challenges

The Truth...Is this game worth it?

This game is very very fun yes but I have to say it's not put out there for kids. We all have to admit we get stuck on some levels. But still it's for people who have the time to beat all levels. I think this game is a little to challenging but that's good. It's a app to have. Addictive but still hard (not all levels.) This is an app that everyone will enjoy. Love It!! P.S. When I said "is it worth it" I should say a dollar well spent but.. I'm on both sides haters, and luvers

No fun

Not really fun at all it's like rush hour

Love it

It gets me thinking


Love it!!!

Good Clean Fun

I like the puzzles,they get harder as the game goes on. I haven't bought the full version & not sure that I will. But it is worth the free download and if you enjoy puzzles like this then I would get the full version. The game is set up well and the graphics are simple and well organized.

Wish all developers provided trial versions like this!

Fun, and engaging! Most importantly this free version seves as a meaningful trial to help you decide if you want to buy the full version (which we did) - wish all developers would to the same!!!!!!!

Fun free game

Despite what some may say, all the puzzles are solvable and fun to play. Well worth the 8 second download.

very cool

probably the most origional puzzel game yet


lol my name is Aubrey any way irinicly enough this is a great app for the boring old subway it's free and it's really fun I love it ^_^

Is level 24 solveable?

Common now.

Great game!

Very enjoyable!


i cant beat level 30 for the life of me so how do you do it? Otherwise great free game

Awful, frustrating, and bad quality.

I honestly don't know why people love it so much, I deleted it after just a few lame levels.